Fixing Kite Lines

You're bound to break a line some time, but don't worry - all is not lost!

Here are some ideas to help you save time and money.

If the line broken within a metre or so of the line end, then just shorten the other lines to the same length as the broken one.

If you're really tight (like the author) undo the knots at the end of the lines with a pair of pliers (and some patience) and then slide the sheathing up the unbroken lines and retie the figure of eight knots.

You can also recycle the sheathing from the broken line by pulling it up on to the new end with a piece of fine guage guitar wire. It's also cheap enough to buy new sheathing (kits are around a fiver on ebay).

We have found the instructions and diagram here really useful. If the break is in the middle of a line then it's new lines I'm afraid.

You can buy reels of lines to make up your own e.g. here, or ready made sets but it's also worth considering buying another kite for your collection at the same time! On ebay you can often pick up a tidy second hand kite complete with handles and lines for litle more than than the price of a new set of lines.

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