Wheel Bearings

So you've had enough of that annoying rumbling from your board or buggy - time for new bearings - here's how.

You can pick up a set of bearings for around £12 on ebay - we bought ours here and we got  a sensible price and good service. OK let's got the hammer out... If there's a spacer between the inner and outer set of bearings then give it a tap to the side with a broad bladed screwdriver so that you can see the inner race of the outer bearing. Now give the inner metal surface of the bearing a series of even taps  around the circumference.


The bearing should now drop out of the other side of the wheel as well as the spacer.Now turn the wheel over and e.g. use a socket on an extension to knock out the inner bearing.



Now insert the new bearings each side and tap them in evenly e.g. by using a large socket - be careful to do this evenly and only hit the metal surface of the bearing and not the seal. Also remember to put the spacer back between the bearings if you have one!


PS It's possible to buy stainless steel bearings as well as mild steel ones but they cost aroud three times the price. We've found a useful discussion on the pros and cons here http://forum.kitecrowd.com/kite-landboarding/bearings-worth-paying-extra-197072.html

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